Week 7: Sharing Audio


 I can’t believe how many hours I have spent on this blogpost! First of all I would like to apologise about using the view from my desk instead of the view from my window. I work at two different work stations, one at home and one at work, and these two work stations don’t always communicate or have the same capabilities. I got the idea of using the little camera I have perched on my computer at work for web meetings to take a picture from my office. That didn’t work, but taking a picture of the notice board above my desk did. I was quite impressed with the quality.

To listen to the sound file you will have to click on “sound”. The sound will come and after my text you will have some very beautiful music to listen to, so be patient! It is interesting that it was only when I had something concrete like my friend’s improvisations to a well known 60’s song that I began to think about the consequences of copyright law.  In the first seconds of this piece of music you can recognise the song, but I’d say about 90% of the music is improvisation that has nothing to do with the original music. As I understand it publishing this here is probably breaking copyright law. Unfortunately my technical skills are so limited that I couldn’t just cut out the part that is recognisable.  

The most important thing about podcasting and rss feeds is that the podcasts can easily become mobile. That is something that I haven’t tried but I bet it would make my time at the gym more interesting. Well, speaking of the gym, I off! 

More on copyright in education.



2 Responses to “Week 7: Sharing Audio”

  1. Keith Bryant Says:

    Well, it took some doing but the result was well worth it! Great stuff Rose!

  2. Week 8: Sharing videos « Composing free and open online educational resources Says:

    […] player to his website. This week Mark introduced us his desk and Bonifatius told about his house. Rose had a nice background music played by her colleague and Juha spent some extra time to make a nice […]

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