Week 1: Blog Post 3 – Open Education Projects

Open University

OER and courses with fees are available at this wonderful site. The interface is laid out in a way that can be navigated easily. The only problem with the site is that there are incredibly many interesting ER that are themselves linked to more resources. I wanted to drop everything and start studying Latin or why not Art History again. Other features that were very impressive were: video conferences, on-line chats and a mind-mapping tool as well as other links.  


It was a little harder to navigate here but that is perhaps because of the language aspect. The translation part of the site looked really interesting although I’m not sure how it works.  


After a huge disappoint when browsing through the music theory course (not a single sound file within hearing distance!) I found it difficult to appreciate this site. I don’t know how it compares to the Open University in quantity and to be fair I didn’t spend much time browsing but the impression I had wasn’t as good as the Open University. To be fair I have to admit that I didn’t have time to look more closely at the creating content section. 


This seems to be a site without frills offered and very straight forward. What a great resource. 


This is my first visit here and I am overwhelmed by the number of tools available. 

Hmmm….Questions that arise are how can they be used? Actually, I don’t actually mean “how”, I mean under what conditions. Now I need to know more about the Creative Commons license. I also want to play a little with creating resources. What does GNU mean? I am experiencing a bit of frustration because I’d like to spend the rest of the night exploring all of these sites.


One Response to “Week 1: Blog Post 3 – Open Education Projects”

  1. Erkan Yilmaz Says:

    Hello Rosmareri,

    >What does GNU mean?
    GNU’s Not Unix (see also: here
    Perhaps this can help also ?

    >Now I need to know more about the Creative Commons license.
    would this help ?

    About the tools: do you have a specific question ? Perhaps I might be able to help ? ping me here please.

    Erkan YILMAZ

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