Week 1: Blog Post 1- Rose Mary Eriksson


I am looking forward to participating in the Wikiversity OER Course. At present I am working in the Analysis Unit of a government authority (www.cfl.se ) that has been promoting the use of flexible learning in adult education. I have been working in the field of education since the 70s when I started working as an English teacher in Kenya. I worked for 20 years training Swedish development workers before my present employment. I have been involved in developing learning resources and in evaluating our oer repository, “Kursnvavet”.  In the next few months I will be unemployed. Our present government has decided that much of the promotion and development in the field of flexible learning should be the responsibility of the municipalities themselves instead of the central government. The future of our oer repository is still uclear as is my own!

In this course I hope to be able to get the competence (and the confidence) I need to be able to handle the web 2.0 tools that are available to everyone and continue working with the promotion of flexible learning in some way.


One Response to “Week 1: Blog Post 1- Rose Mary Eriksson”

  1. Keith Bryant Says:

    Hi Rose
    You beat me to the first input but now I’m up to speed too!

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